Mid-week Prayer Requests

Good morning from Ensenada! As we begin the third work day here in Mexico, we have officially arrived at the half-way point of our time.


Here are a few mid-week prayer requests as we come into the home stretch.

  1. That God would grant us unity as a team. As we’ve been studying in Philippians, that He would give us the same mind, the same love, and the same purpose (Phil 2:2). And, that He would empower us to lay aside on our desires in order to, in humility, serve and build up one another just like our Savior (Phil 2:3ff).
  2. That God would allow us to be an encouragement to the church of Pastor Nicolas as all of us attend and some of us participate in their Wednesday evening church service through music (Dan, Carli, Taylor, Kyle, and Kayla) and preaching (Greg).
  3. That God would allow us to complete the house in a timely manner and in a way that honors Him. And, that the presentation of the house to the family on Thursday afternoon would be significant and meaningful.
  4. Finally, that God would continue to soften our hearts to learn the lessons that He has for us.

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