Day 1 (Sat, July 29) – The Journey Begins

Day 1 is in the books and we’ve already seen God’s fingerprints all over our trip.


The team arrived in San Diego safe and sound and raring to go on Saturday afternoon. After lunch we headed to beautiful Coronado Beach for some sun and an afternoon at the beach. Unfortunately, as soon as we got there the bright California sun was replaced with clouds (perfect for us western Washingtonians…), but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our afternoon on the beach!


During a particularly intense game of catch one of Taylor’s contacts was dislodged from his eye and ended up in the sand. After a few frantic minutes of searching on our hands and knees, by God’s grace, we found his contact! After rinsing it off, Taylor popped it back in, and was all ready for another round of playing in the Pacific!

After a few hours, we loaded back into the van, stopped for a quick dinner and then headed to to our respective homes for the evening.

Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf! We are thankful to God for a smooth day of travel, for the physical safety He has given us (especially regarding Taylor’s contact!), and for the way in which He is building our relationships with one another over delicious food, singing loudly in the car, and a day at the beach.



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