Keeping Track

academic-calendarWe are exactly one day away from leaving for our trip to Mexico! Here is a brief synopsis of where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing so you can more effectively pray for us!

Weekly Schedule

Saturday, July 29th: fly from Seattle-Tacoma, WA to San Diego, CA; spend time in San Diego; spend the night with our host families from Grace Church East County.

  • Pray that God would grant us a smooth day of travel and that he would use this time to bring us closer together as a team.

Sunday, July 30th: worship at Grace Church East County; after lunch, drive across the border to Ensenada; meet the family we will have the privilege of building a house for (The Sanchez-Castillo Family); have our first chapel service at YUGO

  • Pray that God would grant us a smooth and safe border-crossing and that God would begin to knit our hearts together with The Sanchez-Castillo Family in our first meeting.

Monday, July 31st and Tuesday, August 1st: normal work days in Ensenada (see schedule below)

  • Pray that God would give us diligence in our work and stamina during the long and very warm work days; pray that we would be a blessing to the family and any other locals that we encounter during the week.

Wednesday, August 2nd: normal work day in Ensenada plus an evening church service with Pastor Nicolas Gallegos

  • Pray that our hearts would be encouraged during the Wednesday night church service and that we would see God’s heart for all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages.

Thursday, August 3rd: normal work day in Ensenada plus, Lord-willing, the completion of the house and presentation of the house to the family

  • Pray that God would allow us to complete the house; pray that this home would not merely be an earthly blessing to the family, but a spiritual blessing–a place where the Gospel rules, where ministry takes place, and where unbelieving family members, friends, and neighbors are evangelized and saved.
  • *Note: YUGO recommends house-building projects for teams of 10 or more, we only have 9 team members and one of our team members will be slightly limited because of a recent surgery. In light of that, prayers for diligence, stamina, and effectiveness in our construction each and every day would be greatly appreciated!

Friday, August 4th: tourist activities in Ensenada; drive across the border back to San Diego; stay, again, with host families from Grace Church East County

  • Pray that God would use this time to continue to draw our team together and that He would grant us a smooth and safe border-crossing.

Saturday, August 5th: fly from San Diego back to Seattle-Tacoma

Pray that God would grant us wisdom and insight as we process our experiences with one another and individually; pray that our hearts would be changed, that our affection for our King would increase, that our confidence in the Gospel would grow, that our heart for the nations would more closely mimic God’s heart for the nations, and that our love for the things of this world would decrease.

Daily Schedule (Monday through Thursday)
7am – wake up
7:30am – morning chapel
8am – breakfast
9am – leave for job site
11:30am – lunch at job site
4-5:30pm – leave job site and return to YUGO for free time
6pm – dinner
7pm – evening chapel
9:30pm – team debrief and prayer
10pm – lights out


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