Bangladesh/India – Details, details, details

As many of you know, I will be hopping on a plane on Saturday, September 24th to head to Bangladesh and then India. I’m hoping to blog along the way to keep all of you updated, but before I leave I wanted to layout some of the details for the trip. My hope is that these details will aid all of you who are praying for me during my trip!



Saturday, September 24th: fly from Seattle-Tacoma, WA to San Francisco, CA. Then at 1:20 AM on Sunday (September 25th) fly to Hong Kong (14.5 hour flight).

Monday, September 26th: spend the day in Hong Kong and then hop on a plane at 5:35 PM, local time, and head to Dhaka, Bangladesh (4 hour flight).

Tuesday, September 27th through Thursday, September 29th: training in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Friday, September 30th: depart Dhaka for Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Saturday, October 1st through Monday, October 3rd: training in Chittagong.

Monday, October 3rd: depart Chittagong for Dhaka.

Tuesday, October 4th: depart Dhaka for Delhi, India (2.5 hour flight). Travel from Delhi to Chandigarh, India by train.

Wednesday, October 5th and Thursday, October 6th: training in Chandigarh. Depart Chandigarh for Delhi via taxi.

Friday, October 7th: depart Delhi to Hong Kong at 1:10 AM (5.5 hour flight). Then hop on a plane from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, CA at 12:55 PM (13 hour flight). And finally, catch a plane from Los Angeles back to Seattle-Tacoma at 2:15 PM.

Locations and People
The three sites of our trainings are Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh and Chandigarh, India.

In Dhaka and Chittagong we’ll be training the pastors and church leaders in the book of 2 Timothy. This is their second training in a 9-training course which began in March. The group in Dhaka had 20 leaders attend the first training and of those 20 leaders, 12 of them serve in pastoral roles. The group in Chittagong had 18 leaders attend the first training and all of them serve in pastoral roles.

In Chandigarh we’ll be training the pastors and church leaders in the book of Ruth. This is a “pre-training” to determine whether or not these leaders are desirous of and willing to commit to the full 9-training regiment. Right not we are uncertain as to how many leaders will attend this training.

Finally, this trip holds a special place in my heart because I will be partnering with my dad. After nearly 30 years in pastoral ministry, my dad “retired” from the pastorate to join a new Company and begin training pastors and church leaders throughout Asia. He has been with them for nearly a decade and I have been unable to partner with him on any of his trips even though there has been an open invitation.



5 thoughts on “Bangladesh/India – Details, details, details

  1. Greg, My name is Andy Chen. You don’t know me. I used to see you running around CG courtyard with a pony tail on. God has touched my life through PA in amazing ways over twenty five years. When I saw your graduation pic (?) above, 1st thought cross my mind is PA must be proud and thank you for taking the baton, answering his call. As Green Day “Good Riddance” sings – it’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you have the time of your life” Godspeed!
    P.S. Hi PA ~ Take Care


  2. Thanks for sharing via the blog. This is more than your normal missions trip. It really is a special event from a human perspective. PTL for you both having a heart for family and for the unreached and lost.



  3. Excited for you, Gregory! Uncle and I will be praying for you as you share in the work with your dad!! Looking forward to reading your blog!!

    Love you!
    Auntie KK


  4. We will be praying for you and your dad. It’s great to be in the same precepts class with your mom. Will miss her the next couple weeks while she is with your daughters. Glenda


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