Mexico – Day 7

After four long work days, we spent today sight-seeing, decompressing, and driving back up the coast to San Diego, CA.
We opened the day with our typical trio of morning devotions, chapel, and breakfast. After breakfast we headed back to our team’s common room for an extended time of debriefing. What a wonder to listen to student after student after student (in addition to some leaders) share about what God had taught them over this past week. It was a beautiful picture and reminder that our God is a personal God. He doesn’t operate with cookie-cutters and molds, but He uses unique circumstances and relationships, His Holy Spirit, and His living and breathing Word to impact unique people in unique ways. From lessons about the importance of Christian community to lessons about the grandeur of a global-God–it was truly a heart-warming and encouraging time.
From there we shuffled into the vans to visit the family whose home the team built last year. The team was in awe of how this single mom of two girls, who lost her husband in an accident three years ago, had transformed the humble house they built her a year ago into a beautiful, warm, and inviting home.

After that brief reunion, we headed to La Bufadora, the most famous tourist attraction in Ensenada. But in order to get to the actual attraction, we walked through the gauntlet of vendors trying to sell us everything from Seahawks ponchos and blankets to chili saturated candies. After a few hours of souvenir-collecting and sample-eating, we stuffed ourselves back into the vans and headed to the beach one final time. Then we made our way back to the Yugo complex, washed up, packed our bags and our vans, ate one final dinner, and said our final goodbyes.

By God’s grace, we had a relatively uneventful and easy drive back up north across the border and into San Diego.

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