Mexico – Day 4

It’s hard to believe we’re already half-way through our work week here in Ensenada.

We had our usual morning routine of waking up, doing morning devotions, going to chapel, and eating breakfast. But on this particular morning, I was struck by the uniqueness of the YUGO complex. It is, in one sense, a small melting pot of churches from different parts of the country. And each team from each church has individuals who each have their own story. On top of that there are summer volunteers (most of them college students or recent college graduates) and permanent staff members who are either native to Ensenada or transplants from other countries (typically the United States). Thus far, I’ve sat at a table with a family from Nigeria, with a half-French, half-Italian man and his Chinese wife, a high school student born in Alabama but being raised in Ensenada, and an older gentleman accompanying a youth group from a church in Vancouver, WA.


It is a small picture of John’s vision in Revelation 7:9-10 when an innumerable multitude from “every nation, from all tribes and people and languages” stand before the Lamb and worship Him with one another. On this compound are people from different places and even different nations, from different ethnic backgrounds, from different cultures, who have different heart languages, all focused on one purpose: glorifying God by displaying the love of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy (both physically and spiritually) of Ensenada.

Today our particular group plus one other group headed to the construction site. After a quick prayer, our foreman quickly put us to working painting, hammering, putting the roof on the house, and hanging drywall in the house. There were, of course, some slight bumps and scratches, but overall it was a long, full, and fulfilling day of work. We managed to put the roof on the house, install the windows, and hang almost all of the sheet rock. One particular encouragement was the time at the end of the work day when we gathered up as a team and went around specifically encouraging one another about things we observed throughout the day. What a good reminder to always be looking for and identifying specific ways God is working in the brothers and sisters around us!


After our work day concluded, we headed back to the Yugo complex and were greeted with the smell of freshly made churros for sale in the courtyard. I think the majority of the team followed their noses (and their stomachs) straight to the churro stand! Again, most of the team headed to their rooms to change and head to the beach while some opted to stay behind to shower, rest, and relax.


We concluded our day with dinner, evening chapel, and our nightly team debrief meeting.


One thought on “Mexico – Day 4

  1. Wonderful pictures! So good to learn more specifics about your day. Will definitely keep specific prayer requests at the top of our list!


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