Mexico – Day 2

Woke up, ate breakfast, picked up after ourselves, and then headed to Coronado Beach for morning devotions. After some individual, team devotions, and, of course, a jumping picture, we headed to Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church. We were warmly welcomed by the church family there as we joined them for corporate worship. I was deeply struck by how committed they are to seeing the Gospel advance to the nations.


After that, we headed to In-N-Out where Taylor had his first encounter with the Double-Double. I haven’t asked him yet, but I think the encounter went smashingly.

After In-N-Out we loaded up the vans and headed south. As we cross the border, two of the vans got through just fine, but one of them didn’t pass the “eye-test.” So, while we pulled off to the side, everyone in the “suspicious” van (including Taylor!) were ordered out of the van while a massive x-ray machine went to work. Needless to say, they didn’t find anything significance and soon enough we were on our way.


After a few more hours on the road, we arrived at the YUGO complex in Ensenada. My only other missions experiences in Mexico have involved tents, outhouses, and no showers for an entire week. Compared to that, we’re staying in a 5-star luxury hotel! There are bunk beds for everyone, flushing toilets, individuals showers, huge communal areas inside and outside for people to hang out, potable water, a fooseball table and two ping-pong tables, a basketball court, a little cafe, and…WiFi!

We’re staying here at the complex with teams from several other churches, one from Thousand Oaks, CA, one from Vancouver, WA, and one from Roseville, CA, and again, I’ve been incredibly struck and encouraged to see churches from all over stepping out of their culture, country, and comfort-zone to show the love of Christ in other areas of our world.

After settling in, we had an opportunity to meet the family whose home we will be building over the week as well as the pastor and his wife whose church we will be partnering with. After those introductions, we headed to the cafeteria for dinner, had a bit of down time, and then gathered together for our evening chapel.



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