Mexico 2016 – Day 1

Met up with the team just before dinner after spending a week with my wife’s family in the San Diego area.

God was gracious in providing them with a dram-free flight from Seattle to San Diego. It’s easy to take those things for granted, but when any type of travel goes smoothly for a team of almost 40 people, that’s a big praise!

Spent the rest of the day bonding with one another. And, what better what to bond than on the beach, eating pizza, tossing around a Frisbee, and watching the sunset?


The Resolved Church in San Diego was gracious enough to let us crash in their building. Tomorrow we’re heading to Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church to worship with them. (We’ll also be using their facilities when we return from Ensenada.) What a neat picture of Gospel-partnership. Two folks from Littlerock with a team from Hope Community Church using the facilities of the Resolved Church and planning to worship with Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church. I’m thankful that God’s kingdom is so much bigger than my little circle!



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