Bible Club and Champs


How have the past two weeks flown by? We’ve been home from hangin’ with the Huckaby kids, back with our own dear littles for more than two weeks now, and it feels like we were JUST THERE! LIFE passes quickly.  So how do we make the best use of the time that God has given us?  I know in some seasons of my life, faithfully spending the minutes of my day was by changing diapers, lots of diapers…and doing TONS of laundry.  Well, I’m still in a season of faithfully tackling that laundry pile with a cheerful heart.  But now, in a more flexible season where the Lord is showing me other areas where I can steward-well the time and relationships He puts before me.

Being at Ciyanjano, Dustin and I got to see how Tricia and Kelly are stewarding the time and resources and relationships God has given them.  A few years back, Tricia saw a need around Ciyanjano for the neighboring children to have a place to go during the week to hear about Jesus, have a meal, have some fun. So she started a weekly Bible Club at Ciyanjano.   I remember when she asked her “praying-mom” friends to pray about this.  It started small. But that labor Tricia began in faith and obedience to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, and her heart-eyes seeing a need in the community, is now an official ministry of Action International.  Bible Club at Ciyanjano serves over 100 kids every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Here’s what Action International says about Bible Club:

Holly Moir (ACTION Zambia Children’s Ministry Facilitator) and Juma Chipeta (Ciyanjano Children’s Ministry Facilitator – national staff) currently run Bible Clubs on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The Tuesday Bible Club ministers to 45 children with a snack, Kidzana-based gospel lessons, games, and worship. And the Wednesday Club serves 75 children, which also includes a meal. We are excited to have the Champs (Zambian youth from our discipleship program – see Ciyanjano) gain hands-on training in servant leadership as they work with Holly and Juma to run these Clubs.

In a country where children are generally marginalized by society, including within the Church, these Bible Clubs serve kids that are both physically and spiritually needy. The children come from the rural area surrounding Ciyanjano, where subsistence farming and seasonal piece work is the primary source of income. Many homes have a single parent, usually a single mother, with one income earner, as a recent survey indicated. Most households in the community claim to be Christians, but few have regular church attendance. Due to high prevalence of HIV and early loss of life, coupled with family expectations, many households care for orphans or vulnerable children from their extended families. ” -from

Friends, to see Bible Club in action was beautiful, inspiring, encouraging – just amazing. Many of the children who attend, the Huckaby’s know well.  Most of the children are malnourished. Some of the children don’t get a meal every day, so the meal served is a practical way of meeting the real needs of these kids.  Some of the children are from really difficult family situations. Some of them are friends from near by.  The leaders get to know all these kids, and get to serve them and love them and teach them about Jesus. Pray for Bible Club at Ciyanjano, the kids who attend and the leaders who serve.  And be reminded to keep the eyes of your heart open to how the Lord may be nudging you to steward your time and ideas and talents for Him.

Hope you enjoy the photos below!




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