Blue Sky and Acacia Trees

I am finally posting here! We’ve traveled across the globe, and returned safely home to the Pacific Northwest.  While we were at Ciyanjano, the electrical power situation, combined with hustling to keep up with kiddos was not conducive to sitting down at a computer for blog updates.

Zambia is a beautiful country.  The people, the terrain.  Kelly and Tricia picked us up from the airport in Lusaka, and brought us home to get acquainted with their five kids!


(From Left: Dustin, Ethel, Manny, Lucas, Mark, Susan, and Joy).

The evening we arrived at Ciyanjano, Kelly received a call from a neighbor whose sister had been bit by a cobra earlier in the day and did not have a ride to the hospital.  Kelly drove her into town that evening to the hospital.

Tricia and the kids gave us the grand tour of Ciyanjano the following day.

The photos below show the entrance to the grounds of Ciyanjano, the Christian camp and retreat center where Kelly is coordinator with Action, International.  There is a water tap outside of the camp entrance, and it is bustling with use all.  Water access is minimal in the surrounding community, and neighbors come by to fill their buckets and jugs to carry home.



(Photos Below) Within the Ciyanjano Gates are the Action, Zambia offices, missionary huts, and a home where the grounds keeper and his family live.


Ciyanjano is situated about 10 miles outside of Lusaka, surrounded by farms, and crowded neighborhoods called “compounds”.  Kelly and Tricia drove us into town, and we picked Auntie Judy and Auntie Ndekazi up to come with us.  Judy and Ndekazi are good friends and neighbors of the Huckabys, and regulary babysit for their family. Here we are at Judy’s home.  She was very hospitable, and allowed us to come in and sit for a minute.  Judy’s family grows maize on their farm.

It was Judy’s sister who was bit by a snake a couple of days before. So Kelly took us to the University Teaching Hospital of Lusaka to visit her and make sure she and her mother had bus fare to get home.

But first we had to drop the kids off at a birthday party nearby! Their friend Rhoda was turning 3. Grace, Rhoda’s mom, is one of Tricia’s friends and also works for their family.


After dropping the kids off, we made it to the hospital.

The hospital was enormous, crowded, dirty, and under construction. We couldn’t go into the ward where Judy’s sister was, but found her mother, and her sister was improving.

Next we stopped at a technical college and dropped Judy and Ndekazi off.  They want to open a hair salon together, and Tricia is helping them look into school and coordinate a loan for them so that they can attend. Can you tell they are super excited? The day before we left Lusaka to come home, we found out they were accepted into the program.IMG_2725.JPG


On our way home, we stopped by a market for some local crafts and supplies.

Then drove back to Ciyanjano, picked up the kids from the birthday party, and had dinner.  Kelly and Tricia left the next morning for South Africa.



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