Who are the Huckabys and Where is Zambia?

Hi Again Friends,

I need to just say THANK YOU.  Dustin and I are so so grateful to our church, Littlerock Community Fellowship, for your support and prayers for us as we journey across the globe.  Thank you for partnering with us as we serve the Body of Christ in this way.  Many folks have asked us where we will be and who we will be with when we are in Zambia.  Also, a huge shout-out MUCHOS GRACIAS to Emily Rudolph- who is caring for the Rudolph Four for the next two weeks.  Thank you, Em.  I love you.

We will be primarily at Camp Ciyanjano, outside of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city, staying with the Huckaby Family.  “Just who is this Huckaby Family?” you might be asking.  I can answer that! Our family had the joy of being in the same small group with Kelly and Tricia years ago, when we went to church with them at Oikos Fellowship in Bellingham, WA.  Almost six years ago, the Huckabys moved to Lusaka and began working at Camp Ciyanjano.  What a testimony their lives are to us to how God uses regular people to do His work all over the globe. Want to know more about the Huckabys and Action International? Check out their blog at http://www.thehuckabyfamily.blogspot.com.

Pray for the Huckabys

Here’s a pic of the Huckaby Crew! 

Tricia (far left) with Mark, Joy, Ethel, Lucas, Kelly, and Joe (on Kelly’s shoulders)

Where in the world is Zambia? See if you can find it on the map of Africa below.

(hint: it is in South/Central-ish Africa, and on the map below, it is teal-blue-ish in color)

Did you find Zambia? In between Angola (lime green to the west) and Mozambique (to the east).

Ooh, and we get to spend the night in Dubai, UAE on our way to Lusaka…see if you can find that on the above map for an extra challenge.

By the way, the kids made it to Charleston, SC.  Just got the call from Grandma Emmy! Praising the Lord for that! No problems on the flight, I am told!  All the kids sounded happy, and full of energy.

In Christ Alone,



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